Monday, 8 October 2012

JNCIE-SEC Resources

Below is a list of resources that I will be using during my preparation with some discussion around each;

1. Juniper Security Certification Track Website
This web page is a good overview of the Juniper Security Track. Not only does it list all of the exams throughout the track, it also lists details about each exam such as recommended resources and exam objectives.

2. Junos Security Book
I purchased this book in ebook format in 2010 before the hard copy was released. It is a great overview of the SRX product line as a whole. It is a must have resource for anyone looking to enter the Juniper Security Track. The book starts at a very base level and works into advanced topics and configuration. Some aspects of this book (one that comes to mind is High Availability) have slightly changed over the last two years. Mostly in features/options that are now supported that were not supported at the time the book was published (2010). Overall the authors do a good job outlining/foreshadowing these items.

3. Juniper Courses and/or Courseware
Advanced Junos Security (AJSEC)
Junos Intrusion Prevention System Functionality (JIPS)
I was hoping Juniper would offer a JNCIE-SEC level course or bootcamp, however it seems this does not exist. These are the two most advanced courses offered in the Juniper Security Track. They do assume you have some prerequisite knowledge. Reference the Juniper Learning Portal to view all course options for the Security Track.
I completed the AJSEC course in December 2011. The JIPS course I took a slightly different approach in that I purchased the course materials from Juniper's website and did not attend a instructor led class. Having done both I can say that both options work. It comes down to learning style and what you are comfortable with.

4. Inet Zero JNCIE-SEC Workbook
The Inet Zero JNCIE-SEC Workbook was about the only specific JNCIE-SEC material I could find. I have purchased this workbook and plan to use this in conjunction with the rack rental service they offer. As it states by the name it is a situational based lab type workbook. I do not plan to reveal any information/questions provided in this document. Please go to the Inet Zero webpage to view samples of the workbook. If it is something you can benefit from  it can easily be purchased from their website.

5. Junos 11.1 Documentation
The JNCIE-SEC (as far as I can tell from public documentation) is based on the 11.1 version of Junos. The document set is a great resource when needing to drill into specific topics or configuration. The JNCIS/P exams are based on the 10.4 version of Junos. For this reason it might be smart to also have this document store handy as well.

6. Feature Support Reference Documentation
Good resources for understanding what features are supported on 11.1 and 10.4 versions of Junos.
Feature Support Reference for SRX Series and J Series devices - Junos 11.1
Feature Support Reference for SRX Series and J Series devices - Junos 10.4

7. Stefan Fouant's post on JNCIE-SEC preparation and tips 
Stefan has many great resources on his blog. This post is excellent for someone like myself who is preparing for the exam and has questions for someone who has actually completed it.

8. Chris Grundemann's post on Tips for passing Juniper Lab Tests
A good well-rounded post on tips and preparations for lab exams.

9. Clay Haynes's post on Studying for JNCIE-SEC
Another good post on tips and preparations for studying and lab exams.

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