Monday, 15 October 2012

Junos CLI Keyboard Shortcuts

Committing some of these CLI (Command Line Interface) Shortcuts to memory will help save time during a lab exam. The best way I find to memorize them is to start using them and eventually they will become second nature.

The link Using Keyboard Sequences to Move Around and Edit the Junos CLI is a page from the 11.1 Junos documentation that lists the CLI shortcuts.

Some that I use often:

  • Move cursor to the beginning of the command line (Ctrl+a)
  • Move cursor back one word (Esc+b or Alt+b)
  • Move cursor forward one work (Esc-f or Alt+f)
  • Delete all characters on the command line (Ctrl+u or Ctrl+x)
  • Delete all characters after the cursor (Ctrl+k)

What shortcuts do you use?

1 comment:

  1. Mostly Ctrl+a, Ctrl+e and Ctrl+w, and at times ctrl+u